Can Do That


Well take a look at me now here

Another sucker ruining the atmosphere

Gotta be the story of my life

From the very embryo start

it's been piles and piles and piles of goo goo

How about you, how about you

No one take notice of a little thing

start to grow into a big thing

Bigger than anything

Well, you can join the commando's

be just like a little Rambo

You can challenge the world

and you'll never know that a wind will blow

And it's gonna be cold

But you'll always keep on singin'

Like you've been told

You can do that, you can do that

Yeah! You can do that

with the power of your soul, just go ahead

Gotta get back on top again

Well, meanwhile – broke – busted

hungry and not trusted

Thanks for lousy deals – tell me all about it

No, stop! I wanna keep my ears clean

I got goose bumps in the wrong places

Screaming – looks like the vultures are gathering

Well no matter how thin that string, I wanna hold on to that thing

They say when the goin' gets tough the tough get goin'

But can you prove it baby?

The fairytale – wisdom – oxygen – give me a breath of your precious oxygen

Precious, precious oxygen…